The spackle queen

19 08 2007

I am up way too late blogging.  Neal is snoring.  The babies are sleeping.  The cat is on the bed upside down with all four feet sprawled in a most undignified manner.  He is drooling on himself, the fat old thing.

 This morning I was very very good.  I stayed up till 1 a.m., then got up early and finished putting the fake stucco pattern on the bathroom walls.  The downstairs bath is ALMOST finished.  So is my supply of caffeinated beverages.  Neal won’t let me buy any more Coke, so the home-improvement jag may be over by tomorrow.  I’ll go back to working on the new story I’m writing.  I now have three fiction projects I’m working on simultaneously!  I need a split personality to get any real work done around here.  Either that, or a LOT more caffeine!

 I can’t wait to be done, I can’t wait to be done, I can’t wait to be done, I can’t wait!

I am tired of painting things and planting things and cleaning things and attempting to be tidy, which does not come naturally to me.  Selling a house is like some kind of long, drawn out cleaning nightmare.  My whole attitude is, “well, if it’s good enough for me, why isn’t it good enough for you?”  I mean, I’ve been living here for two years without ever using a string trimmer on the fence.  And we’re all fine!

Someone keeps stealing all the chocolate ice cream out of the fridge and it isn’t me.  I only eat vanilla.  I must not be the only one who’s stressed by this move.  I keep finding little drips of chocolate across the floor and spoons in the freezer.  Should I be reassured that whichever one of my children is stealing the ice cream at least has enough manners to use the appropriate utensil? 

 I have been listening to Pride and Prejudice (the new movie) over and over and over while I have been stucco-ing the wall.  I love Mr. Darcy’s voice.  Oooh- shivers!  And men look really good in hats.  Why did they stop wearing them?  I would go back to wearing long dresses if they would go back to tail coats and hats.   Neal looks really good with those long mutton-chop side burns you see in Dickens illustrations.  It’s the ruddy Brit in him coming out.  And I’d look great in an Empire waist!

I found this wall texturing project in a magazine at the dentist’s.  You take chemical-set drywall mud and mix up a batch in a small bucket or bowl.  Then you sort of schlorp some up on your hand (it’s better to use cold water, because if the water is warm it looks and feels like a bowl of greyish baby poop) and smear it on the wall.  I’ve been smearing it in little curlicue circles and it looks so good  If you make a mistake, it’s no big deal, because you can sand right over it.  You can do it in any texture or design you can think off, and it dries hard.  You can paint right over it!
          The first batch I made I was afraid to put my hand in.  It says it gets really hot when it sets, so you shouldn’t try to make a cast of any body part you really care about with it.  I thought maybe it had lime or something in it and would burn my skin, but it doesn’t.  It’s really easy to use, and it does a smashing job of covering up a cinder block wall.  Provided you spackle the cracks first.  It’s too soft to fill the deep cracks.

 Anyhow, if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been writing, that’s why.  I’ve been painting and gardening and spreading drywall mud over two walls of my den and a complete bathroom.  Too much fun for everyone!




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31 08 2007

Hey, the string trimmer on the fence was just a suggestion….it looks great, by the way…

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