Parallel Universes

20 07 2007

      I went to Elizabeth’s house tonight to pray.  I love praying in groups!  I think I like it better than roller coasters, better than chocolate, even better than a really good hair day.  I like it better than eating chocolate on a roller coaster while looking fabulous!
      In between bouts of prayer, we were talking about life and our experiences with God’s grace and provision.  We also talked about how, as we have become more secure in God’s love, things that once hurt us don’t hurt as much anymore.  The unkind word, the lie, the underhanded action still hurt, but the hurt doesn’t last as long.  The offense is quicker to fade.  The pain is easier to forgive.
      I think it’s part of being alive in Christ.  A statue, hard and stony, is dead and brittle.  Any attack will chip or mar, or even shatter it.  But a living organism has the ability to heal.  And God, as our healer, makes the process even faster. 
      So I was thinking about that.  And we were also talking about near miss car accidents and other examples of God’s daily care over our lives.  I started thinking about all the times the Lord has provided the money or shoes or car or stove we needed.  I thought of all the times he’s healed me.  I remembered the time he healed me of pneumonia, of a persistant sinus infection, of back pain.
      He also has lifted my depression and chased away the suicidal thoughts that tormented me so fiercly for so many years.  God does so much for me!
      It’s like, as Christians, we live in a parallel universe from the rest of the world.  All around us, people are crushed by illness, depression, and lack.  They are destroyed by addiction, lies, and abuse.  And here I stand: safe on solid ground.  Troubles come, but with God’s help, they go again!  They don’t move in and take over the recliner and the remote!
      Side by side we life.  Two people are fired.  One takes to drink, one hangs on and eventually finds a new job.  Two children die.  One set of parents collapse and divorce, another set goes on to have more children and minister to homeless people in their city.  Two men get cancer.  One man dies, another is miraculously healed and goes on to marry at the age of 78!
      So many people say miracles are figments of our imagination, psychosomatic, or hoaxes.  But I have felt a miracle in my own body.  One moment, my slipped disc was so painful I was in anguish just sitting on the couch.  Then God spoke to me, I felt a warmth press against my lower back, and I was healed.  There was no more pain.
      A man came into church with a diagnosis of cancer.  A few weeks later, he came back with the medical reports- miraculously healed!  Since when does cancer just up and disappear?  If only the news papers would look and see… if only they would investigate the cases of disappearing cancers, healing hearts, sudden remission of pain… 
      The kingdom of God is all around us.  It’s thick around you now like a golden haze.  A word, a gesture, could catapult you into another dimension where healing and help and love and miracles happen constantly. 
      Which universe would you choose?




One response

23 07 2007

I have often said and questions how people who do not believe in God live. How do you survive difficult times? What sustains you in the midst of your trial if you have no future or hope? I guess it explains why the suiside rates are so high and people are so miserable.

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