A Little Logic Injected in the Situation…

6 07 2007

      I suppose it’s obvious, from my posts, that I am fairly conservative.  Actually, I’m very conservative.  If I had my way we would never have progressed past the 1800’s.  I would still sweep around the house in a black silk morning dress with three point pichu lace and have Irish immigrant girls to open the door and cook for me.  Alas.
      But every once in a while, despite my best efforts to the contrary, I am exposed to some modern political thought (if you can call it that).  I was reading the local liberal entertainment monthly today.  All the conflicting view points amused me.
      Here’s just one example… the political editorial was about immigration.   The author claims people object to Hispanic immigrants because they’re “flooding” the U.S. with a foreign culture and language, and it makes us feel wierd.   He states, “This is why language is at the heart of the immigration issue.”  And we just need to get over it, he asserts.  (John David Morris “Speaking of Immigration” Encore magazine July4-10, 2007) 
      Later in the magazine is a scathing editorial criticizing Republicans for opposing “Health Care Reform.”  (The Modern World by Tom Tomorrow, ibid.)  The cartoon asserts that the US can easily afford to guarantee everyone in America the right to medical treatment without insurance.
      Let’s look at those two opinions together:  Free immigration (open borders) is good.  Government subsidized health care for everybody is also good.
      You know, once upon a time, the US HAD open borders.  Absolutely anyone could come over here, try to find a job or a farm, and try to live the American dream.  But what made that possible was the entire lack of welfare, Medicaid, subsidized housing, social security, and food stamps.  They were free to come and starve if they wanted to.  If they prospered, great!  If they didn’t, hopefully some Christian person took pity on them before their babies died.
      It wasn’t good.  It’s ugly to see people starving on the streets because the people who are wealthy are too selfish to share with them.  Did you know that even during the Great Depression there was plenty of food to go around?  In fact, articles about dieting were one of the most popular headlines in magazines of the time.  People suffered in the Great Depression, as always, because of sin and selfishness, not because of lack.
      So because of people’s selfishness, a lack of charity and Christian kindness, the government took up the job of providing for the poor.  It set out to make sure that God’s precious children had food, a place to sleep, basic necessities and education.
      Ok, but here’s the kicker boys and girls… the government doesn’t have an endless money pot out of which to provide these things.  All the money the government has comes from you and me.  It’s finite.  And so, logically enough, there was a need to limit the number of poor people that need to be fed, clothed, and cared for.
      They do that in several ways, only one of which is by limiting immigration. 
      You can’t have it both ways.  If I have a piece of land, and I let it be known that anyone who wants to move onto my land will recieve food, clothing, a nice room and a few other things… how long do you think it will take before my land is overflowing?  And how long do you think my salary will hold out?
      It’s not a nice thing to limit immigration.  There are so many desperate people in the world who would feel incredibly blessed to come to the US and live in poverty and relative freedom.  It seems cruel to deny them that chance. 
       It is also cruel to take people who live among us and cook our meals, mow our lawns, care for our children, and harvest our food and treat them like slaves or outcasts just because they came illegally.  To deny them basic rights as Americans.  To deny them treatment at the hospitals just because they cannot pay.  And yet, the doctors aren’t slaves either.  Someone has to eventually pay, or the hospitals go bankrupt.  It’s not an easy puzzle to solve.
       I guess all I’m asking is that these “liberal” snipers would stop acting like the solution is easy and obvious and that the conservatives just can’t see it because we’re stupid.
      If you invite the world to move in, you can’t promise them all free food and medical treatment.  And if you promise all of the destitute U.S free food and medical treatment, at some point you have to draw some limits.  Any kid knows that you can’t gobble up all your cake today and still have some tomorrow.
      Not even in America.




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